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Hire Terms & Conditions

1. Definitions and Interpretation
In this Agreement the following terms shall have the following meanings:
Hirer: The person named as such overleaf. For continuity the male gender is used. Can equally refer to the female gender.
Driver: The Hirer and/or other persons named as such overleaf.
Vehicle: The original vehicle described overleaf or any replacement vehicle, together with its accessories.
VC F: Vehicle Check Form
Rental Period: The period from the time and date shown overleaf until the re-delivery of the vehicle into the physical custody of the Lessor within the Lessor's opening hours.
Rental Charges: The hire charges for the rental period.
Excess Amount: The sum specified overleaf as the excess amount.

2. Hirer Must
a. ensure that the vehicle is fit for there purpose, has familiarised themselves with its operation, and undertakes to return it in the same condition at the end of the rental period and during the lessors normal office hours. Any extension of the rental period must be authorised by the lessor prior to the termination of the original rental period.
b. ensure that he has received the vehicle free from apparent defects or damage except as indicated on the VCF and to inform the lessor as soon as possible should the vehicle develop a defect, be damaged and/or involved in an accident.
c. ensure that during the rental period, the correct fluid levels and specifications are maintained and that tyre pressures are maintained or adjusted subject to load. The above can be carried out on the lessors premises if requested by the hirer.
d. during the rental period, keep the vehicle in his or any approved driver's possession, free from legal process or lien and when not in use, adequately protected and secured. This includes removing the keys when the vehicle is not being driven and keeping the keys in a safe and secure place.
e. ensure that the correct fuel is used.
f. return the vehicle only within the lessors opening hours and check that he has not left any property in the vehicle

3. Vehicle Must Not Be Used
a. for the carriage of passengers for hire or reward.
b. for racing, pacemaking, rallying, speed testing, driving tuition or similar purposes.
c. for propelling or towing any trailer or similar object. (Except when the vehicle is modified for that purpose and we have given our express writen permission)
d. by any driver not previously approved by the lessor
e. for any illegal purpose or in any contravention of any legislation affecting the vehicle, driver, use or construction
f. in any manner which might render void the insurance policy or other contract of insurance.
g. outside England, Scotland or wales without prior written consent of the Lessor

3. Lessors Insurance
When using the Lessors insurance the Hirer is liable for the excess amount if there is any damage to or loss of the vehicle (including punctures, tyre damage and windscreen damage). The excess amount has to be paid for each and every damage or loss. The insurance may be rendered void if the hirer does not comply with the conditions of this agreement. The excess amount will include damage to the third party vehicle and/or property.The following are specifically not covered by the Lessors insurance and remain the responsibility of the hirer.
a. Negligent or wilful damage or loss.
b. Damage to interior and load compartment including cleaning required to bring the vehicle to our normal valet standards.
c. Damaged caused by unsecured loads and/or overloading of vehicle.
d. Damaged caused to the vehicle above windscreen height and related third party claims in which case the excess liabilty shall be unlimited.
e. Towed items. (Except when written permission has been given as described in condition 3c, and then only third party damage will be insured).
f. Any property placed in the vehicle.
g. Loss of use charges when dealing with such matters.

4. Hirers Own Insurance
When a hirer insures the vehicle we will require proof that the vehicle is covered under a comprehensive policy. If the vehicle is damaged or stolen, we will negotiate with the insurers about repairs, replacement or compensation. The hirer is financially responsible to settle rental charges until the vehicle is repaired to a satisfactory standard or compensation paid. The hirer is also liable if the insurance policy arranged is not valid or fails to meet costs incurred. Vehicles must remain on the Hirers insurance untill in the physical possession of the Lessor, either by being collected by the lessor or by being returned within the Lessors opening hours.

5. Charges
The hirer agrees to pay on demand all charges in connection with the rental.
a. Rental and ancillary charges.
b. The excess amount in respect of each incident resulting in damage or loss to/of the vehicle or the amount if the liability is unlimited.
c. All fines, charges, penalties, costs and expenses (apart from those that are the liability of the Lessor) Incurred in relation to the vehicle by the hirer from the commencement of the rental untill the vehicle is returned to the Lessor. Reasonable administration charges when dealing with such matters.
d. Loss of use charges applicable.
e. Refuelling charges.
f. Value Added Tax at the prevailing rate and any other taxes payable.

6. Breakdown/Vehicle Fault Procedure
Contact Fleet Hire (Kent) Ltd in the first instance during normal office hours or the appropriate breakdown service when our office is closed. Inform us as soon as possible that you have contacted the breakdown service.
7.49 GVW type vehicles (Iveco Cargo) are not eligible for the relay type services and must be taken to the nearest authorised Iveco dealer.
Situations shown below are specifically not covered.
a. Recovery of vehicle from unstable ground
b. Costs when vehicle keys are lost, replaced or locked in the vehicle.
c. Costs resulting from lack of fuel or incorrect fuel.
The Lessor do not except responsibility for loss due to delays in commencing rentals or enroute, in consequence of breakdown or otherwise and cannot consider claims

7. Accident Procedure
The Hirer, in the event of an accident, and to protect himself and the Lessors, must obtain witnesses whenever possible, take all particulars of other vehicles, persons or property involved, nature of injures, damage or loss, name or number of police officers present and notify ant such occurrence to the Lessors as soon as possible. MAKE NO ADMISSION OF LIABILITY IN CASES INVOLVING THIRD PARTIES.

8. Tachograph
A tachograph is installed in vehicles above 3500kg GVW and must be used by commercial organisations. A tachograph is installed in minibuses and must be used when the vehicle is used outside the united kingdom. The hirer must set the tachograph time.

9. Operators Licence
Under current legislation, all companies are required to provide their own operators licence.
Any costs involved from failure to provide an operators licence for the vehicle will be the Hirers responsibility. The Hirer is liable for any costs should the vehicle be impounded. This could mean the total value of the vehicle.

10. Fuel
Fuel tanks are full at the commencement of a rental. The hirer is liable for refuelling charges on return.

11. The Hirer Shall Be Liable As Owner Of The Vehicle In Respect Of:
a. Section 66 of the Road Traffic Act 1988 and schedule 1 to the Road Traffic (Owner Liability) (Scotland) Regulations 1975. All as amended or replaced or extended by any subsequent legislation or orders.
b. Any fixed penalty offence committed in respect of the vehicle under part III of the Road Traffic Offenders Act 1998 as amended, replaced or extended by any subsequent legislation or orders any such offence committed under the equivalent legislation applicable to Scotland.
c. Any excess charge, which may be incurred in respect of the vehicle in pursuance of an Order under section 45 & 46 of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984, as amended, the Road User Charging (enforcement & Adjudication) (London) Regulations 2001 as amended & The Greater London (Cntral Zone) Congestion Carging Order as varied, any additions or amendments to the above.
Hirer shall be liable for all charges under similar schemes as described in Conditions 12.

12. Administration Charge
The Lessors will levy an administration charge when dealing with such matters as described in conditions 12 & 13.

Nothing in the above Conditions shall affect the Hirers statutory rights.

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